“I had just undergone a massive transitional period, not only in life, but in my career and voice. I was searching for the right voice teacher. One that understood the background of opera that I had come from, but also one that adapted to who I am as a singer. Enter Mike Ruckles. He has been not only a great teacher, but a great friend. I feel like the relationship between student and teacher should be a close one because you have to trust them with your instrument (and you only get one). He will help you find the sustainable, safe, and exciting way to sing without pushing or hurting yourself. I have all the confidence in the world in him!”
– Kyle Scatliffe (B’way: “Les Miserables” revival (Enjolras), “The Color Purple” revival (Harpo); Encores!: “Big River” (Jim);
West End: “Scottsboro Boys” (Haywood, Olivier nominee)

“Mike Ruckles has single-handedly changed how I feel about my voice.
He has a truly unique approach and a way of pushing you beyond what you thought you were capable of. Maintaining vocal health and stamina is something all singers deal with, especially when performing 8 shows a week. Mike’s commitment to his students truly goes above and beyond and he has kept me healthy through rigorous schedules.
Mike’s approach is one of whole voice, body, and mind. He works through the actor’s instincts to find a strong, healthy sound, instead of bombarding the student with techniques or theory. It is a completely organic and collaborative process, and one that I cannot recommend highly enough.”
– Lisa O’Hare (B’way: “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” (Sibella); West End: “Mary Poppins” (Mary Poppins); Chicago Lyric: “My Fair Lady” (Eliza)

“Mike Ruckles is the voice of reason in a world of vocal training that too often is clouded with vagueness and intangibility. He is as remarkably intelligent as he is kind, encouraging, and direct. Mike taught me how to sustain in a long-running show, while always striving for further evolution and growth, and as a result, I feel stronger and more self-assured walking into any creative space. Seemingly endless tools in the toolbox. Mike gives you those tools with clarity and unconditional love. And his students prosper because of it.”
– Bobby Conte Thornton (B’way: “A Bronx Tale” (Calogero); Papermill Playhouse: “Grease” (Danny Zuko); Bay Street Theatre: “My Fair Lady” (Freddy)

“Most of my career has been in film and television where you can easily become lazy with your voice. When I booked ‘The Common Pursuit’ for the Roundabout Theatre Company, I immediately called Mike. I wanted to make sure I was using my voice properly so it would last for the three month run without amplification. I also didn’t want to embarrass myself by being one of those actors who thinks ‘projection’ is just talking louder! It only took two sessions before I started noticing a serious difference in the quality and richness of my voice. With a new understanding of placement and breath support (rather than a strained throat!), it seemed to me that my vocal presence doubled. Mike’s methodology and exercises for vocal warm-ups were incredibly helpful.
I was so impressed with my progress that I continued to see Mike during the run of the show and began to focus on singing – something I hadn’t attempted since I was a teenager. I told Mike that I had never felt comfortable singing, that my voice seemed to jump around in registers and volume. He quickly deduced that I hadn’t really been singing in my authentic voice, but had been sort of mimicking the quality of singers I liked. So within a few sessions he was able to strip away my self-conscious mimicry and get down to the bare bones of what I actually sound like. I’d highly recommend Mike to any singer looking to refine and strengthen their voice, any actor lacking confidence in their voice, and anyone looking to build the proper vocal skills to ensure a healthy vocal career.”
– Josh Cooke (TV: “Dexter”, “Better With You”; Film: “I Love You, Man”, “Finding Joy”; B’way: “The Common Pursuit”)

“Mike Ruckles is a gem of a human being and a guru of the voice. He’s made my singing effortless and open in ways that I’ve not experienced in years. I trust him immensely and he’s the only vocal technician I recommend to my peers. Go. Study with him now.”
– Lucia Spina (B’way: “Spelling Bee” (Rona), “Legally Blonde”, “South Pacific”, “Kinky Boots”)

“Mike is truly amazing. As the majority of my vocal training had been classical, I often felt like I was approaching my musical theater repertoire in the wrong way. It was so exciting to finally work with someone who was able to teach me how to access the sound I was looking for, and do it in a way that is comfortable, safe, and sustainable. In just the first couple lessons, I felt my voice open up and I suddenly had access to a whole new part of my range, changing my outlook on the roles that I really wanted, but was too afraid of because of their technical challenges. Pippin was one of those roles. Mike creates a safe atmosphere, making you feel comfortable and unafraid to take risks. My lessons with Mike have transformed my voice and I am so grateful for everything he has taught me.”
– Sam Lips (Broadway: “Pippin” revival (Pippin), “Cinderella” (Prince Topher); National Tour: “Wicked” (Fiyero)

“A year ago, I had never had a singing lesson. Today, I’m performing a leading role on Broadway. I owe everything to Mike’s brilliant and patient tutelage.”
– Jefferson Mays (Tony Award Winner, Broadway: “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder”; “I Am My Own Wife”; “The Best Man”; “Pygmalion”)

“Every time I leave a lesson with Mike, I have new nuggets of information to chew on and apply to my instrument. He is a master technician, a cheerleader, and an intuitive teacher. Having him in my life has been a wonderful and grounding asset to my career!”
– Janine DiVita (Broadway: “Grease” revival (Rizzo), “Anything Goes” (Reno cover), “Mystery of Edwin Drood” (Drood cover); National Tour: “If/Then” (Anne)

“I am so glad to have found Mike Ruckles! From my first lesson with Mike, he put me at ease and gave me confidence to try – and succeed, and fail – without embarrassment. Technical without being fussy, encouraging while also being practical, Mike is an endless source of vocal pedagogical AND artistic knowledge. Every lesson with Mike equips me with more tools to sing the way I want to sing. Helping me book and prepare for my Broadway debut this year (and being there to cheer me on!), Mike is my wonderful teacher and friend.”
– Henry Gottfried (B’way: “Waitress”; National Tour: “Pippin”; Yale Whiffenpoof)

“Having Mike guide me has been an absolute godsend. He knows exactly how to break things down and his way of tailoring technique that is specific to me and my needs, leaves me feeling confidant and striving to work that much harder. His knowledge is infinite and makes each lesson invigorating and exciting!”
– Jenna Leigh Green (TV: Sabrina the Teenage Witch; B’way: “Wicked” (Nessarose); “Bare” (Ivy)

“Mike is a godsend to me and the Broadway community! After a few lessons, I was going into auditions with a new-found power and understanding of my singing. He teaches with an eye and ‘ear’ to my unique voice using only the specific tools necessary to help me. Whether it’s a new audition song or finding new ways to approach an old one, Mike continues to help me discover my individual vocal potential and, more importantly, he shows me how to use it with consistency. I hesitate to praise him too much, because now I’ll have to fight other students for a time slot!”
– Joey Sorge (B’way: “A Bronx Tale”, “Nice Work if You Can Get It”, “How To Succeed”, “The Drowsy Chaperone”, “Thoroughly Modern Millie”; Film: “New Year’s Eve”, “Audrey”, “Valentine’s Day”)

“I didn’t grow up with much vocal training, but Mike has made technique comprehensible and accessible. I met him in my freshman year of college, and since then, he’s helped me prepare for productions, workshops, auditions, and my Broadway debut. Over the years, I’ve seen so much growth in my vocal health and technique studying with him. Knowledgeable, helpful, and kind… I’d recommend Mike to any and all looking to better themselves vocally!”
– Aisha Jackson (“Ragtime” on Ellis Island (Sarah); B’way: “Waitress” OBC, “Beautiful”, “Frozen” OBC (Anna cover)

“Mike is the best! Whether I’m prepping for an audition, working on a role, or just improving my chops, I always leave his studio feeling stronger, healthier, and more prepared.”
– Andy Kelso (B’way: “Kinky Boots” (Charlie), “Mamma Mia!” (Sky); National Tour: “Wicked” (Fiyero)

“Mike was recommended to me when I first landed in New York. He saw me through my first Broadway audition, all the way through booking Mamma Mia! out here in Vegas. Mike instantly hears where my voice is that day, and what I need to do to get to the core of my clear, clean sound in a way that is not only easy, but easily repeated. I take my recordings of our lessons to the theater every single day. When I listen back, I’m always amazed at the vocal power and clarity I have by the end of the lesson compared to the beginning, and yet the singing has also become effortless! He’s given me empowering knowledge about the physiology of my instrument, added amazing tools to my belt, and even more confidence in my back pocket. To top it all off, he’s great to be around, and easy to talk to when the biz is getting you down!”
– Kimbre Lancaster (Vegas Tropicana: “Mamma Mia!” (Sophie); “The Light in the Piazza” (Clara); Oregon Shakespeare Festival

“From our first lesson, Mike heard me sing, quickly assessed what was going on, and possessed what seemed like an infinite arsenal of tools to help me break bad habits and free my voice. Vocal exercises were not arbitrary but vital, and designed to get results. He imparts knowledge in such a palatable way that left me well-equipped, to not only make the sounds and hit the notes required by the industry, but to have me do it in a healthy and sustainable way to sing eight shows a week! What’s more, Mike fosters a warm and engaging environment where it is fun to sing, improvements are constant, and breakthroughs commonplace.”
– Rodney Ingram (Broadway: “Phantom of the Opera” (Raoul), “Aladdin” (Aladdin cover/Ensemble); Regional: “The Little Mermaid” (Prince Eric)

“Mike Ruckles’ knowledge and understanding of the voice, is far advanced of anyone I’ve come across during my training, in and out of academia. There’s something to be said when a vocal technician like Mike Ruckles can make vocal technique and pedagogy so clear, that it makes a student who’s had little to no training understand clearly.”
– Joshua Buscher (B’way: “Big Fish”, “West Side Story” revival, “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”)

“Mike’s knowledge of the voice is endless. However, it’s in the variety of ways he imparts that information to his students that makes Mike my go-to voice teacher. With a few simple words, he fixes bad habits and creates healthy ones. With a physical gesture, he opens up both ends of my range. His training and intuition have helped me find unexplored parts of my voice and become a well-rounded singer. Mike has helped me find a comfortable and safe way to sing my show 8 times a week. He’s the real deal.”
– Christopher Rice (B’way: “Book of Mormon”, “West Side Story” revival tour (Baby John/Tony US), “White Christmas”)

“There’s a reason we call him ‘Magic Mike’, and it isn’t the dancing! I have taken from every big-name teacher in NYC (and LA, for that matter) and my search ended with Mike. Within 20 minutes of my first session, Mike looked at me and said ‘Have you had treatment for the slipped lumbar vertebrae?’ Say what? Jump cut to a few weeks later when a doctor is pointing to my slipped lumbar vertebrae on an X-ray! Sure enough, the tightness between my shoulder blades I’d been fighting was caused much lower in the spine, and keeping me from the full power of my voice. Just one example of the kind of brilliance that has saved my voice and taken me to places I didn’t know I could go. Oh, and he’s also one of the most sought-after pianists in NYC, and knows every show ever written? Magic Mike.”
– Amanda Scott (“Shrek”, “West Side Story”, “Spamalot”)

“Mike Ruckles’ knowledge matches the top names in vocal training. He finds a way to establish an effortless technique, unlocking the full range of your natural voice. Training with Mike has been a paramount factor in the progression of my vocal technique; it has taken me beyond what I thought I was even capable of.”
– Ryan Jesse (B’way: “Jersey Boys” (Bob), “Cinderella” w/ Lea Salonga)

“Mike Ruckles’ voice students are really incredible! Really strong and versatile technique across genres, and always beautiful and truthful phrasing! Really dazzled today. Bravo! Masterful teaching is apparent!”
– Benjamin Rauhala (NYC Music Director: 54 Below, “Reefer Madness” Benefit Concert, “Hit List” Concert)

“Mike Ruckles is a tremendous vocal technician. The tools he’s offered have allowed me to maximize my vocal ability and enter into the professional world with success and confidence. His knowledge is vast, he provides an environment that is fun and stress-free, and he communicates his insight in a style that is very accessible to the student. Above all else, he does not settle for mediocre singing; once he unlocks your potential, the level of expectation rises and this only motivates you to achieve further growth and excellence.”
– Aaron Young (B’way: “Fiddler On the Roof” (Sasha); Muny “Sound of Music”, Disney On Classic w/ Tokyo Philharmonic)

“Mike Ruckles is an incredible teacher.  His understanding of human anatomy and his innate ear for vocal production allows him to dissect the voice and explain it in a way that is easy to understand. He makes training and conditioning the voice fun and encouraging. This leads to more frequent and more productive practice outside your lesson. He has a knack for selecting material suited to each individual student, what ever their skill level. He builds confidence in each of his students through positive reinforcement, hard work and the knowledge that his techniques are being used by professionals on Broadway and thoughout the country. Not to mention he is an all-around cool guy.”
– Derek Hanson (B’way: “An American in Paris” (Mr. Z), “Side Show”, “Anything Goes”, Tours: “Shrek”, “A Chorus Line” 1st National)

“Mike Ruckles’ knowledge and expertise on the voice and this business has been invaluable to me and the pursuit of my career. In my very first lesson with him, I made more progress vocally than I even knew I was capable of! Mike’s dedication to his students, their careers, and this business is incomparable.”
– Alexandra Zorn (Maria in “West Side Story” Gateway Playhouse, Laurey in “Oklahoma” 5th Avenue Theatre)

“Mike Ruckles is simply a vocal miracle worker. I have studied with him for a year and a half now and I am constantly amazed lesson after lesson at what incredible, detailed help he provides. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into his studio feeling tired and overwhelmed and walked out feeling refreshed and energized. He has a sixth sense, specific to your instrument and body, that unlocks aspects of your voice that you didn’t know were possible! He is the best vocal practitioner I have ever encountered as a singer. He understands the nuances and styles of singing required in today’s vocal arena, and breaks them down into easy to understand methods and recipes.
I also own a walking tour business, and, as a tour guide, the vocal demands are quite different than my professional singing. Mike constantly checks in to ensure that I am finding “my beam” and working smarter (not harder) whilst projecting over the sounds of Times Square! I can honestly tell you that at the end of every tour I say a silent prayer to Mr. Ruckles for the techniques he has instilled in me. Thank you Mike!”
– Tim Dolan (Abraham in “Altar Boyz”, “Lysistrata Jones”; Boardwalk Empire on HBO; owner of “Broadway Up Close” tours)

“Mike Ruckles is a Larynx Wizard. His knowledge, methods and results can be summed up in one word: magic. He equipped me with the tools to be a successful singer for the rest of my life and there is no voice teacher I trust, or could recommend, more.”
– Brian Crawford Scott (Berger in “Hair” National Tour; Ringmaster for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey)

“I recommend Mike Ruckles to other singers all the time. Mike has the rare ability to transform a singer’s technical approach without altering the uniqueness of that singer’s sound. He’s done it for me and for countless other singers. He eliminates the mystique of singing and illuminates the things that must occur in the instrument to produce the desired sound, consistently, and in a healthy and safe way. I swear by Mike Ruckles!”
– Jordan Fife Hunt (“A Chorus Line” 1st National; “Aladdin” Muny)

“Mike, I can’t thank you enough for your help. You completely revolutionized my voice in two years. You have amazed me.”
– David Bryant Johnson (Joseph in “Joseph and his ATDC Arvada Center; Freddy in “My Fair Lady” Gateway Playhouse; Danny Zuko in “Grease!”)

“I am currently on the national tour of Spamalot and before every show I find myself warming up with exercises I learned during lessons with Mike. I swear by his teachings and would recommend him to anyone and everyone who is currently in the industry.”
– McKayla Marso (National Tours: “Spamalot”, “The Wizard of Oz”)

“Where to begin? Mike has taught me everything I know about my voice. I came in clueless and Mike seamlessly maneuvered my voice into a stronger and healthier instrument. If I wasn’t getting something, he was always prepared with countless different approaches and he wouldn’t rest until we found the approach that I understood and that worked for me. I feel absolutely confident with my vocal technique. Thanks to Mike, I feel ready for any challenges Musical Theatre can dish out!”
– Jake Mendes (“Pinkalicious – The Musical”)

“I have been working as a professional musician for 15 years. I have always struggled with issues of intonation and tone in my singing. I have worked with great singers and have received a lot of singing advice over the years, but for the first time in my life, I feel like I know what I need to do in order to improve. Mike provides very clear, practical, and positive instruction. I have always walked out of Mike’s studio a better singer than I was when I walked in.”
– Ansel Foxley (Green Street Majority, Lonesome Traveler)

“Mike Ruckles helped me find my voice. I worked with him for 3 years, and I grew immensely as a singer and as a performer. He helped me build a strong foundation of support and safe singing technique. Also, he showed me ways to stylize my voice so I could sing everything from musical theatre to country western music to an operatic aria, and everything in between! My vocal range expanded nearly an octave in each direction during my time with him. Mike has an expansive knowledge of the musical theatre repertoire, and can help you find the perfect song for any audition. Plus, he’s an amazing pianist, so I never had pay one to come with me to a lesson. I would definitely recommend Mike’s services to anyone who wants to compete in the musical theatre industry. Thanks Mike!”
– Michael Covert (La Jolla Playhouse “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Bonnie & Clyde”)

“Mike Ruckles is the vocal technician for anyone who intends on being a successful music professional. Mike’s attention to my individual style and philosophy, mixed with his seemingly endless understanding of the human voice, helped me learn the practices I use everyday to maintain a healthy and powerful sound. I’ve worked with many voice instructors, and in my mind, Mike Ruckles transformed me from an amateur with a dream into a professional with a goal. I have no doubt that without Mike, I would not have progressed to where I am.”
– Kevin Sims (“Lion King”)

“Working on a show with daily, intense physical strain, my voice suffered. Mike gave me the tools to restore my vocal health and strengthen my technique. He is the single best voice teacher and vocal coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”
– Jon Michael Bray (“Walking With Dinosaurs”, Avenues and Reservoirs)

“Mike is an amazing, fun, talented teacher who really knows his stuff. He caters to the individual needs of his students, so whether you need to free up tension or need help hitting that money note, he will help you get the job done. With his method of teaching you are not just told how to sing, you are given muscle-memory techniques that help you consistently achieve the sound you want. I highly recommend him!”
– Matt Braver (Goodspeed Musicals “Band Geeks”, Muny “Titanic”)

“Mike Ruckles is, in equal parts, genius and magician.”
– Erik Liberman (“LoveMusik”, “Merrily We Roll Along”, Helen Hayes Award Winner)

“I have had the great fortune of working with Mike Ruckles, both as a voice teacher and as a music director, and his knowledge, skill, and versatility are unmatched. Under his direction, I was able to produce sounds I never had before (like belting without hurting my voice!) and challenge myself as a vocalist and performer. In addition, his fun-loving personality makes him a joy to work with and helps his students feel safe.”
– Marianna Thielen (“Marianna and the Baby Vamps”)

“Mike is irreplaceable and outstanding in everything that he does. As a voice teacher, composer and musical director he is absolutely one of the best.”
– Victoria Regan (“42nd Street”, “Grand Hotel”, US Latin Champion)