Mindful Mastery Mondays #2

Being fully marketable in our industry requires that you have immediate access to many well-defined “colors” on your “vocal palette”! Let me give you an example… being able to belt is great, but can you modify the quality of your belt to suit the genre? Have you internalized the specifics of a traditional belt (Ethel Merman) vs. a contemporary belt (Stephanie J. Block) vs. a pop belt (Linda Eder) vs. a rock belt (Amy Spanger) vs. a “mix-belt” (Kerry Butler) vs. a gospel belt (Capathia Jenkins)… etc. And, perhaps more importantly, could you execute these qualities 8 shows a week without fatigue?? Food for thought: Men, can you assign male counterparts to the female belters I named? What sub-categories of “legit” singing could we identify?

Brannon McAllister